Jumat, 22 Januari 2010

Muslim Scientist: Neil Amstrong Proved Mecca - World Centre

Dr Abd Al-Baset Sayyid - Egyptian National Research Centre
January 16, 2005

The centrality (of Mecca) has been proven scientifically. When they traveled to outer space and took pictures of the earth, they saw it is a dark, hanging sphere. The man said : "Earth is a dark, hanging sphere - who hung it? (Neil Amstrong)". Amstrong was basically trying to say: Allah is the one hung it.

They discovered that earth emits radiation, and they wrote about this on the web. They left the item there for 21 days, and then they made it disappear. There was intent there

So it may be said that this suppression of information was significant. It was significant, since the ka'ba. They said it emits radiation. This radiation is short-wave. When they discovered this radiation, they star to zoom in, and they found that it emanates from mecca and to be precise, from the ka'ba.

My God!
It was said.

Does this radiation have an effect? They found that this radiation is infinite.
when they reached mars and began to take picture, they found that the radiation continous beyond. They said that the wavelength known to us or rather the shortness of the wavelength known to us. this radiation had a special characteristic. it is infinite, and i believe that the reason is that this radiation connects the (earthly) ka'ba with the celestial ka'ba.

Imagine you are north pole and i am south pole, in the middle there's what is call the magnetic equilibrium zone. If place compass there, the needle won't move. The pull is equal from both side. That's why it's call zero magnetic zone. That's why if someone travels to mecca or lives there, he lives longer is healthier and is less affected by earth's gravity. that's why when you circle the ka'ba, you get charged with energy.

Allah be praised. this is the a fact.
This is a scientific fact, becouse you are distant from earth magnetic's fields have no effect on you in this case.

There's a study that proves that the black basalt rocks in macca are the oldest rocks in the world. This is the truth. It's been scientifically proven, the study has been published. They took basalt rock from mecca and investigated place where they were formed.

In british museum there are three pieces of the black stone (from the ka'ba) and they said that this rocks didn't come from our solar system.